About us

We will be providing assistance to Police Officers who have been injured in the line of duty and we will be providing scholarships to Cadets and Officers to train at the Academy of their choice.  Our only affiliation is to the HPD Grappling Team 501(c)(3) and not to any one BJJ Academy. 

We have gratefully received support and instruction from many Academies in the City of Houston.  Some of the BJJ Academies who have offered their support and help are

  • Grounddwellers
  • W4R Training Center
  • Team Mãozinha
  • Renzo Gracie Houston
  • Gracie Barra Katy
  • Gracie Barra Clear Lake
  • Gracie Barra Champions
  • Team Tooke
  • Carlson Gracie
  • McCall MMA
  • Cantu Martial Arts
  • Davis Martial Arts Academy
  • Gracie Humaita
  • Heritage Muay Thai